Poison… In a Poison Bowl

I’ve been feeling a little rage-y and political about food lately. I’ve got a slew of posts coming up for you. Let’s start with this one!

What’s 8 inches wide, comes in brilliant red and yellow hues, and might kill you? Domino’s Bread Bowl Pasta.

Yep! For just $5.99 you can get pasta (mushy) served in a bread bowl (fluffy) with gobs of cheese (stringy). There are standard flavors – italian sausage and three-cheese mac & cheese – but you can also build your own with bacon, pepperoni, and other pizza toppings. Yay?

Which just reminds me of Patton Oswalt riffing on the KFC Mashed Potato Bowl.

“I want a failure pile in a sadness bowl…” La-la-la, la la!

Dear cucumbers and almonds and strawberries and other things that require a fair amount of chewing, thank you for being fibrous and vitamin-packed. I love you! Melicious

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