Saturday Workout: C F E

I’ve been flirt-stalking CrossFit Endurance workouts since last summer. I visit the site every morning and daydream about a world in which I wake up, do a badass CrossFit workout, eat delicious recovery food, nap the nap of the righteous, then take on a CrossFit Endurance workout (and eat again).

Until I can arrange my life that way, I’ll do it this way: Some days, Dave and I take the CFE workouts and noodle ’em around to suit our mood. Yesterday, we added burpess (Dave’s request) to a CFE sprint workout done on the hike & bike trail instead of the track. Why run in circles when you can run with the turtles?

Dave & Mel’s CFE in the ATX

  • EZ 1-mile warmup run
  • 5 rounds: 7 burpees (:30 on/:20 off)
  • 8 rounds: :30 sprint/:20 recovery
  • Walk 1 mile back to the start

This workout made my legs noodle-y… and Dave made a sweat angel on the sidewalk during the burpees. (Also, it’s pretty punk rock that the sweat marks look like blood) Hell, yeah and yeeha! Gotta love Texas summer.

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