29 Minutes In Hell

We did it!

This was the workout we chose for ourselves last night…

Tuesday Backyard Workout
For time:
200m hill sprint + 50 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 40 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 30 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 20 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 10 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees

… and this morning at approximately 7:03 a.m., we did it.

I was going to give myself a 25-minute cutoff, but I forgot to wear my watch. This monster took me 29 minutes. Hello, slow poke!

And the hill in front of our house? It turned out to be a 500m round trip, so we measured a 200m loop – on a slight grade – and used that instead. Boy! Am I glad we didn’t try to do five rounds of this thing on the hill!

Photographic evidence of our badass-ness:

Dave, chillin’ after his travails.

Me and my pullup band. We are so tough.
Not. tough.


1. It’s time for a skinnier pullup band and, truly, no band at all. I did almost all of my pullups this morning from a deadhang, no kip, which means I’m getting way too much assistance from that band now.

2. It’s also time for me start working on a taller box jump. I’m not scared of the one I have anymore, so… we have a wooden pallette I can use as a platform, so next time, I think I have to gut it up and try jumping on top of the box on top of the pallette (on top of Planet Earth).

3. Five burpees was easy. Sweet!

4. My cheeks were bright pink all through my post-workout banana, half the New York Times crossword puzzle, and my shower. I was, like, way, WAY overheated. Blech.

5. I really don’t like that shirt I’m wearing, and I don’t think I’m going to wear it anymore. Makes me feel old and lame… better to wear the superhero clothes.

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