Pick a Card. Any Card

The first year we lived in our house, every time I stepped outside, I collected the pecans that littered the driveway and yard. Like a squirrel, I scurried, zig-zagging across our property, plucking pecans off the ground and stuffing them into my pockets of the “basket” I made from the hem of my shirt. Dave teased me that I was going to grow a tail. A few weeks later, I made a pie from OUR pecans. It was delicious.

Now, I hoard CrossFit workouts, collecting them from Crystal’s Bootcamp, website WODs, email threads, and the various Spartan/I AM CROSSFIT/CrossFit Central Challenges. I write them on index cards and put them into a card file: my version of the hopper.

So tonight, when Dave and I were discussing what we should do for our workout tomorrow, I turned to the box… because I didn’t want to do what he suggested: “100 burpees!”

I pulled out five or six workouts that looked intimidated and spread them out on the table for our elimination round.

“I kinda feel like pullups,” I said, extracting a card with man-makers from the options. “And we just did a shit-load of Supermans.” Another card gone.

We narrowed it down to three options, and I had Dave pick. I know if you’re really doing a hopper workout, the universe decides.


It’s Dave & Mel’s Gym on Tuesdays, and Dave got to choose.

He did a good job.

Tuesday Backyard Workout
For time:
200m hill sprint + 50 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 40 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 30 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 20 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees
200m hill sprint + 10 box jumps + 10 pullups + 5 burpees

In the original workout, it’s just a 200m sprint, but Dave suggested we run up the hill in front of our house. Who am I to say no to an offer like that?!

We’ll take photos in the a.m., and I’ll let y’all know how it goes…

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