Some Other Totally Badass Michaels

Michael Caine

Michael Keaton

Michael Jordan

Michael, the Archangel

Michael Corleone

CrossFit Michael

3 rounds, for time:

  • 800m run
  • 50 supermans
  • 50 situps

Maggie, Mindy, Dave, and I hit the Austin High track at 6:30 this morning for Michael.

My time: 25:03

Yeesh! My runs were fast for me: I did the first 800 in 3:57… which I thought was pretty good. But jeez, louise! the humidity slowly ground me down. And the situps rubbed my tailbone raw… AGAIN.

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  • Aaron says:

    Way to go and bust out Michael this morning! Isn't this humidity brutal?

    PS- The Central team is in the running for the affiliate cup! 3rd place going into the last event!

  • Aaron says:

    Arrgh… that should've been 2ND PLACE! I'm not typing well today.

  • Bonita says:

    Great job Team Relentless! You bad asses look fabulous on my tire 🙂