Beach to Bootcamp

Today was my first alarm-induced wake-up in nine days. I didn’t care for it.

But I wanted to attend Bootcamp today because it’s Blake’s birthday and her 1-year CrossFit anniversary — and one can only avoid the inevitable for so long. At some point, one has gotta get back to workouts and work-appropriate shoes. (At least for now; more on Dave and my future plans to become adventure-seeking ex-pats.)

Much as I hated the “get up in the dark” experience, our workout was awesome. It felt great to push hard again, and it went so well, I don’t regret a single bite I ate during my entire indulgent, glorious, decadent vacation.

Blake’s Birthday Bootcamp Workout
3 rounds, 1 minute each station, for total score:

  • PVC pipe snatch
  • med ball situps
  • med ball cleans
  • renegade rows: pushup + 2 pulls, 15-lb. dbs
  • box jumps
  • rest

My score: 93+96+99=288. I tried SO hard to break 100 on the last round, but alas, it was not to be.

2 rounds:

  • 75 bicycles
  • 15 spiderman pushups
  • 200m sprint

I ate clean yesterday and today — feeling great physically, although maybe just a little blue that our magical vacation is over.

Speaking of eating clean: I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Urban’s 30-day/no-cheat Paleo experiment. I’m going no-cheat/clean/dino-chow until my parents visit on July 27. If you’re not ready to go full Paleo, why not pick just one aspect of your diet to clean up? You might be surprised by your experience. As y’all know, I went seven full weeks without a single bite of a tortilla chip. Miraculously, the world kept turning.

Sure, I ate thick, freshly-fried chips EVERY SINGLE DAY of my vacation, but now that I’m back home, they’re completely off my mind. Dave and I had a welcome home breakfast at Habanero yesterday: no tortillas, no chips, no refried beans… and yeah, the planet’s still appropriately rotating on its axis.

Check out Melissa’s blog posts about cleaning up your diet:
Change your life in 30 days
Paleo resources
Advice for handling food-pushers/holidays

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  • Mindy says:

    yay for paleo!!! I am doing Byers' 30-day experiment!! Today is day 4 for me and I feel FABULOUS!!!! NO MORE BLOATING!!! YAY!!!!!!! I am also trying to zone my meals, but not stressing out about it cuz I start to get really OCD and its just not a good place for me to be mentally… if ya wanna follow my journey.. my blog is . It was great seeing you this morning and I am so glad ur doin the paleo experiment! ur gonna love it!!! Oh, also wanted to thank you for the F-Rice recipe!! I made some last night and its yummy!!! Hope you have a great 1st week back!! luv ya!

  • Blake says:

    Thanks for celebrating with me! What a great morning to come back to workouts and regular life. Way to kick ass on the workout and now the Paleo challenge.