Countdown to Spartan 300: T Minus 5 Days

I am a grouchy today. Perhaps it has something to do with someone declaring today “Sugar Monday” at the office. We’ve received company-wide email about homemade tres leches cake, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts from a returning co-workers vacation in Hawaii, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and fresh-from-a-local-bakery granola bar thingies… “In the kitchen… enjoy!”

You know what I would enjoy?! I would enjoy you keeping your f*cking poison to yourself.

To keep my appetite and fingers from wandering to the bakery box, I got myself a nice cup of decaf tea (’cause I’m off coffee) with Splenda (’cause I’m off dairy and sugar). And then I was reminded of this:

… your gut has taste sensors. It doesn’t matter that you are eating something no real glucose in it, your gut can’t tell…it still tastes sweet. What happens then? Your gut secretes a hormone that promotes insulin secretion. So it seems that insulin is produced because the gut senses sugar even it it is only nutrasweet….Then the insulin will do its work…. insulin is a storage hormone, affecting nutrient storage in tissues including fat cells. So, artificial sweeteners could be getting you to shift excess more calories into fat…..that is what your body does with sweet things!

Seriously?! Now the sweet decaf tea has to go, too?!

I am Whiny. Grumpy. Really kinda feeling all the things I’m NOT doing instead of celebrating all the “can do.” I’m having a bad role model day, y’all!

But I’m fighting to come back to my happy place, or more accurately, my Spartan spirit. Because in five short days, I will complete that motherf*cking Spartan 300 workout.

I’ve started visualizing: fast jumps on the 25 pullups to just get ’em out of the way, then steady 10-rep sets of the 95-lb deadlift… smooth and easy. I refuse to minimize the quality of my pushups to get them finished faster, so I think I’m going to try knocking ’em out 5 at a time with a 3-second rest in between, then box jumps: 10 at a time ’til their done.

Floor wipers are getting tackled 7 at a time with as little rest as I can manage so I can crank out the clean+press with 5 on each arm… which just leaves the remaining 25 jumping pullups. I didn’t get to the final pullups last time, so I’m guessing I need to take about one minute total off my performance from six weeks ago to finish. That’s a lot of time to slash, but I’m giving it all I’ve got.

Carey helped this morning! We did floor wipers. And I knocked out 25 pretty fast, in sets of 7, 7, and then 11 to wrap it up.

CrossFit Women
For time, break into sets as needed:

  • 100 walking lunge., 45-lb. barbell
  • 100 situps

my time (4 sets of 25): 9:21

floor wipers, 95-lb. bar: 7, 7, 11

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  • erikajeanne says:

    Fantastic job on those floor wipers this morning Mel! Stay strong against the sugar…you are being tested…do not give in!

  • Melicious says:

    YOU totally killed on those floor wipers, too, pretty young miss. Look at us, throwing 95 lbs. around like it's feathers!

    I wasn't even really tempted by the sugar treats, it just pissed me off 'cause that's how I'm rollin' today.

  • Erin Clare says:

    I say ride that cranky wave on in! You can't fool me. Fierce and fiesty but so sweet and easy to love. Besides, if you're this cranky tomorrow, I am taking floor wipers away from your workout diet. 😉