Oh, Yeah? Well, I’m So Hardcore, I …

… broke my jump rope this morning doing double-unders. Or, more accurately, trying (again!) to do double-unders. I’m not as good as Erin at wielding the rope, but as I’ve said before, thanks to early Ali influence, I can hold my own.

(Here’s Erin and I being workouts nerds at work last Halloween. We were “boxer” and “shadow boxer.”)
Anyway… this morning’s Spartan Challenge workout gave me an ‘out’ on the double-unders (e.g., 50 double-unders or 100 single jumps)… which, in turn, made me feel like I wanted to at least try to get those damn double-unders again.

It went kinda like this:

jump – jump – jump – double-under FAIL – jump – jump – double-under YAY! – jump – jump– jump – jump – double-under FAIL – jump – jump – YAY!

Spartan workout
For time:
100 single jumps – 50 leg drops
90 – 40
80 – 30
70 – 20
60 – 10
My time: 13:45

The RX was situps, but with the final Spartan 300 workout in 16 days, I did faux floor wipers instead to work on my straight-leg speed. I will finish the Spartan 300 within the 20-minute cutoff. I will.

I will.

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