Yay, Summer!

I bag on work jail a lot, but I actually have a great job. Our corporate overlords are more like the LEGO Darth Vader than the wheezing, evil version in the movie.
Proof of their cuddliness: in addion to the summer MONDAY holidays, they’ve given us two extra holidays every year: the Fridays before Memorial Day and Labor Day — like bookends on most-excellent summer fun. This morning, I did my part to kick off summer right.

Bootcamp + 30-minute run = PLAY DAY

Everyone was at Bootcamp this morning; it ruled. I was a little late, and when I arrived, the whole crew — like, a dozen people — was doing PVC pipe snatches. They looked like a scrappy militia in training. And it was Field Trip Friday… which means after our warmup, we snagged our medicine balls and ran to the UTB field with our balls overhead.

Our workout
5 rounds, 20-minute cutoff:

  • 50 squats
  • 25 walking lunge w/ ball overhead
  • 15 med ball cleans
  • sprint up hill
  • jog down, pick up ball, run back to start

I sneaked in under the deadline: 19:35
(Bonita finished in 18:something. Yeesh!)

After Crystal called time, we ran back to Deep Eddy, balls overhead, and did 150 mountain climbers. Then, since I didn’t have to rush off to corporate jail, I went on a beautiful 30-minute run on the hike & bike trail.

Now I’m eating a well-deserved breakfast and pondering a la-la shower. Crystal reviewed my food log and gave me a gold star — and good news. She recommended that I add a little more fat to my meals. I just chowed down a big pile of cabbage, lean ground beef, and egg whites stir-fried with a little soy sauce and a teaspoon of canola oil. Man! The oil made it really tasty — and more power-packed… yay!

Happy Summer, y’all!

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