Run With The Heroes – June 7

I’m a sucker for cops and fire fighters and SEALS. [Insert some wise crack about men in uniform here; I’ll wait].

It’s not the uniform on law enforcement, emergency services, and military personnel that gets me; it’s the commitment to place honor, duty, commitment, and integrity above comfort so that I can obliviously go about the business of living my life.

I watch NCIS and Law & Order — and read thrillers and hard-boiled mysteries — not because I care so much about the cases themselves, but because I love the characters who work to unravel them. I admire the teamwork and expertise, the dedication to getting the job done, no matter the cost — and because I don’t know any law enforcement types personally, I have to turn to my fictional pals.

On Sunday, June 7, there’s an excellent opportunity for all of us to spend time with the real deal at the Run with the Heroes 5K.
It’s a race “designed to bring communities together with first responders, to honor fallen heroes of emergency services and show support for their families.” This year, the Run with the Heroes is being run in honor of Austin Police Officer Amy Donovan, and it benefits Special Olympics Texas.
The story of Officer Donovan is quite sad and sobering:

Officer Donovan died on October 31, 2004 when she was accidentally struck by a police cruiser during a foot chase. She was in her fifth month of service for the Austin Police Department. At the time of her death, she was 37 years old. The suspect, Nickolas Jarmen, is currently serving a 4.5 year sentence for drug charges and is due to be released May 2009. Amy left behind a loving husband, Terry, and four beautiful children Chase, Annie, Amanda and Christopher. The Donovan family is currently supporting Senate and House bills to enhance the punishment for fleeing on foot from a police officer.

So… Dave and I are all signed up and ready to run. How about you?

The Details:
Date: Sunday, June 7
Time: 8:00 a.m. start
Location: Waterloo Ice House in Southpark Meadows, 9600 I-35 South
Distance: 5K
Registration: $25 until June 3; $30 after


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