100 Pushups: Week 5 Workouts

As much as it pains me to say it, I must officially drop out of our 100 Pushup Challenge. Now that the Spartan Challenge has kicked off, I can’t squeeze in the extra pushups workouts without completely over-doing it. But I’m still with y’all in spirit and I’ll keep you posted on how my own pushups are going in the midst of my Spartan workouts. The last four weeks have definitely made me a lot more diligent about my form — which was really my intention all along — and I’m so grateful that y’all are willing to play my reindeer games.

For the rest of you… KEEP GOING!

If you did the week three workouts last week, you’re ready to move on to week four.

If you did the week four workouts last week, it’s time to do another assessment before moving on to week five. The minimum number of pushups you must be able to do with good form to move onto week five workouts is … 31. If you’re not there yet, don’t despair — just repeat week four.

If you’re ready, here’s week five:

As always, post to the comments and let us know how you’re doing!

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  • Milaka says:

    Oh, Honey. I will rejoice with the angels when I reach 31!!!! At my progress test I could only do 10!!! But that was up 4 from the initial, so something is happening! I’ve decided to camp out on Week 2 for another week or so. I want to be able to at least do Week 2 properly before going on to Week 3. But I’M STILL HERE! I will not quit. Even if it takes me 3 months!!! I will have upper body strength if it kills me!!!! Wait. That didn’t come out right.

    I’m moving along quite nicely with the other challenges – the sit-ups and the squats. I’m right where I should be. It’s still hard, but not sucky. 😉

    Here’s where I am as of today:

    Push-ups: Back to Week 2 4-6-4-4-6 Holy cow, I feel like a weakling! But I’m NOT GIVING UP!!! The push-up ogre will not defeat me!!!

    Sit-ups: Week 3 18-25-19-19-27 (at least 25) Not too shabby!

    Squats: Week 3 19-24-19-19-30 (at least 27) Happy with that.

    Tomorrow is cardio day. It’ll be the first time in a couple of weeks I’ve been able to go to the gym. Week before last my dad visited and we had lots of activities at the kids’ school. Last week my son had a stomach bug and we couldn’t leave the house for a couple of days. I’m really looking forward to it!

    Keep up the good work on the Spartan Challenge!!!! You are awesome!!!! And thanks for motivating us out here! I didn’t feel like doing my push-up/sit-up/squat challenge today, but I knew I needed to post so I did it anyway! Yay!!!!!

  • Melicious says:

    Milaka, you are doing a fantastic job! Way to dig in and keep fighting the good fight. Have fun at the gym… and thank YOU for keeping me motivated.

  • Milaka says:

    You are welcome!

    And, uh, I didn’t get to the gym. It was a home school day and my daughter was as slow as molasses in December. She’s actually still working and it’s 6:15. Sigh. But I’ll do my challenge tomorrow! I at least DRESSED for the gym all day today – just in case she finished and we could dash there!