Lost: 1 CrossFit Women Workout | Found: Silver Lining

Seriously, people. What is going on in my house? I forgot to set my alarm. Again.

This. does. not. happen. to. me.

I am Reliable. Consistent. Responsible.


But on the positive side, I’ve been sleeping so well lately. When I switched to the Zone in January 2008, my ability to stay asleep improved, but lately I’ve been sleeping like a fucking champ! I put on my eye mask, turn onto my left side, slide my left arm under the pillow just right, and ZONK! I’m out. All night.

It’s really lovely.

But I did miss my CrossFit Women workout this morning, which totally sucks. That means I’m going to do my best to dig deep and get in a workout after I leave work jail today. I owe the universe my Week 2/Day 1 pushup workout anyway, and if I’m going to get warmed up to do pushups, I may as well throw some running intervals, box jumps, and pullups into the mix. Check back later for the full report.

In other good news: I’m on day 3 of no coffee. I’ve replaced it with decaf tea sweetened with a Splenda. It’s not as rich and yummy as coffee with cream, but I definitely feel more virtuous, and y’all know how feeling virtuous puts a spring in my step. (I’d also like to report that a favorite pair of pants that has a tendency to be a little grabby in the butt when I get lax with my diet is on said butt right now and is feeling comfy-loose. Sweet!)

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