Fun Run

I’ve fallen into a bad habit of questioning whether or not I’m going to workout in the morning. CrossFit days are etched in stone (usually), but since we wrapped up our half marathon training, Dave and I haven’t re-committed to a training schedule for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Those days are just hanging out there right now, with no requirements and lots of temptation to sleep in or go directly to breakfast or do the Times crossword or indulge in any other distracting thing that’s not 3-2-1-GO!

This morning I slept until almost 9:00 a.m. I really needed the rest, and it was awesome.

And with rain threatening, Dave and I spent a good chunk of time debating whether or not we should lace up our shoes and head to the hike and bike trail. Around 10:00, the wind changed direction and the radar map showed that the storm was probably not going to hit Austin.

We stopped debating, and we got dressed. I’d describe my commitment level at that point as half-hearted.

As our reward, the sun broke through the clouds a bit, the breeze blew like a whispered encouragement, and off we went. Woudln’t you know it? I had a PR on the 3-mile loop today: 27:35, 9 seconds faster than my previous. Not huge, but I strutted like a peacock when I was done. Then I did some step-ups before our Week 1/Day 3 pushup workout: 10-8-7-7-12.

Today’s run was my first since the ZOOMA half marathon, and I really needed it to be a good one. The ZOOMA “broke” me a little. I’ve been tired and less-than-eager for my workouts. As Dave says, the short runs are to remind you that running is fun. I pushed myself a little this morning, and my side ached for a while, but I enjoyed it. It was looking sketchy for a few weeks, but I’m once again glad to think of myself as “runner.”

And now I’m feeling ready to put together our training plan for now until May 9 when we turn into Spartans once again.

Happy Saturday!

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  • Heidi says:

    Awesome job today girl! I love this quote “sometimes the hardest part of my run is the first few steps.” I always think about that when I am walking out my door those days I’m just not feeling it…