Pushups… in the Courthouse

If you read my blog post yesterday, you know I had a pushup FAIL and didn’t get through the Day 2 workout. Today, during one of the many times the judge sent our jury out of the courtroom, I did Day 2 in the hallway outside the jury room.

Reps: 6 – 6 – 8 – 6 – 10

I think I probably could have squeezed out another 1-2 on the last round, but I was worried the District Attorney was going to come out into the hall and think I was a complete nut.

When I was finished with the pushups, there was still time to kill, so I did walking lunges up and down the hallway. The bailiff caught me doing that, but he didn’t seem to mind. “You an exerciser?” he asked, then went on to tell me that he does 75 pushups every day.


I think I’m going to make it an on-going life mission to do pushups in unusual places… and when possible, document it with a photo. I sincerely doubt I can get a pic of myself doing a pushup outside the jury room, so just pretend this is me:

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  • Heidi says:

    absolutely LOVE it! That’s the great thing about push-ups, they can be done ANYWHERE! TGIF, and good luck tomorrow!

  • Milaka says:

    Hey! Good for you! That’s the great thing about the push-ups and squats – you can do them anywhere! Keep it up!!!

    Here are my stats for the day:

    Push-ups: 6-8-6-5-7 HARD!!!!
    Sit-ups: 17-22-14-14-23 I’m a rock star!
    Squats: 13-16-13-13-25 Oh, yeah!

    I also found the perfect squat track on my MP3 – Souxie and the Banshees’ Peek-A-Boo.

    Have a great Friday! I’ll check back in on Saturday.