Zzzzooom, Zzzzzoooom, ZOOMA

Tomorrow’s the day: 10 of us are taking Bastrop by storm and running the ZOOMA half marathon & 5K. This morning when I woke up, my subconscious was in the midst of a conversation with itself:

“It’s just 3 miles 4 times with a mile tacked on the end. The first 3 are easy ’cause it’s only 3 miles, then the second 3 are great ’cause you’re warmed up and cruising. The third 3 are awesome ’cause they’re right in the middle, and the last 3 are the best because they’re the LAST THREE. Then you just run 1 more. What is that, like, 9 minutes? Piece of cake!”

Tonight we’re going to try to drive the course before it gets dark. It looks like this on the map:
And this is the elevation profile:
I have to admit: I don’t really know how to read this thing except to conclude “it’s hilly.”

I’m mostly excited to hang out with some of the coolest women I know, eat some healthy food, and get out and play… so we can eat the cupcakes at the finish line.

Full report and photos next week.

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