These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Once Over Coffee Bar

Now that I’ve seen the light (CrossFit! The Zone!), I’ve eradicated many indulgent things from my life (see: Nacho Cheese Doritos, Friday Happy Hours, pepperoni pizza in bed, sleeping in on Saturdays). But a girl still needs a treat once in a while, right?

Now, an Americano, a cafe au lait, a latte, even a humble decaf with Splenda and 2% milk has become a little extravagance that doesn’t do too much damage, but reminds me to slow down, chill out, take the time to smell the… coffee.

I’m SUPER excited because there’s a new coffee shop in south Austin — Once Over Coffee Bar — and it rules for a handful of reasons…

1. It’s owned by our pals Rob and Jenée, two of the coolest, sweetest, most badass, and friendliest folks you’ll ever meet. They’re both musicians (Rob plays lead guitar in St. Joe’s Choir) and cute-as-buttons and smart AND they take coffee very seriously, while having an excellent sense of humor about themselves. When I was in Once Over a few days ago, Rob was perfecting their macchiato. He took a sip, deemed it, “good,” then fired up the espresso machine again to see if he could replicate the results. No drip coffee there! When I ordered decaf, he made me a fresh cup in the French Press. It was so good, I didn’t need to add milk and sugar. Jenée has been a judge at barrista competitions, so yeah… coffee experts.

2. Once Over has free Wi-Fi, so should you need to make an emergency login to Facebook or read The New York Times online while sipping your cuppa, you’re all set.

3. Speaking of The New York Times, if you get to Once Over in the a.m. you can probably help Rob solve the daily crossword puzzle in the old school copy of the paper lying on the coffee bar. (Earn bonus points by bringing him a good, sharp, No. 2 pencil.)

4. Should you want to indulge in more than coffee, the glass display case offers a painfully tempting array of pastries, including an apricot-walnut-white-chocolate-chip scone. (You can’t prove actually ate one. You can try, but there’s no physical evidence.)

5. The parking lot offers two advantages: 1) There’s parking! and 2) There’s a taco cart in the corner of the lot that makes really good tacos, in case you need some protein to go with your coffee.

6. Jenée and Rob decorated with a comfy mix of rejunvenated fancy vintage chairs, funky light fixtures, and clean lines. Different types of coffee get an appropriate stay-here mug — and if you have to leave mid-sip, they’ll hook you up with a to-go cup. BONUS: All fancy, drink-here coffee gets decorated like a sippable cake. See?!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews on Yelp, then stop by Once Over and have a cup with Rob and Jenée — tell ’em I sent you!

Once Over Coffee Bar
2009 South First Street | 326-9575
M-F 7:00-7:00; Weekends 8:00-6:00

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