‘Scuse Me, Miss… Can I Get a Beer Over Here?

At some point last week, I realized that Karaoke Apocalypse was playing two parties around St. Patrick’s Day, and that I didn’t have anything green to wear.

Any excuse for a costume, right?

I googled “St. Patrick’s Day costume” and found just what I was looking for at buycostumes.com. When it arrived two days later, Dave said, “It’s really green.”

It wasn’t until I saw the photos of myself that I realized I looked like a waitress at a really lame theme restaurant.And that became the running gag of the Karaoke Apocalypse show. Was I…

  • a beer wench?
  • a milk maid?
  • a specialty hooker?
  • a slutty leprechaun?

… or, as one dude said to Adam, our drummer, “You know who she looks like? That girl who was in charge of the salad bar at that place we used to work.”


I was super excited it fit when it arrived — the damn thing came packaged in the tiniest little envelope. And. It. Fit.

Maybe next year I’ll just go for a green “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt.

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  • becomingtheafter says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw this same get-up in Dinkelsbühl. Or Westendorf. I forget which, exactly. Anyway: H-A-W-T!