This Morning, I Did Not Jog

I ran.

Through the Big Dog Woods, past the two pretty girls chatting while they jogged side-by-side with matching ponytails swinging behind them, up the spiral and across the deck, over the tiny lizard skittering through the dirt, “I was made for dancing… all, all, all, all night long” (thank you, Leif Garrett), hello turtles and geese!, up Monster hill, remember what you read about the POSE method, just the Mopac bridge left now

Time: 27:44.

A new PR!

9:15 per mile. My fastest time ever in my entire life ever ever EVER.

It was hard. A push, for sure. But Good. Like that, with a capital G.

I didn’t intend to haul ass this morning, but when I got to the trail, I saw those ponytail girls jogging and talking up ahead, and I just wanted to catch them. Needed to catch them. It was like when you have a bruise and you have to poke it to see if it still hurts. Poke/Catch, same diff.

Then once I realized I was running faster than usual, I didn’t want to quit. I thought of this Coach G quote — “Optimizing physical capacity requires training at unsustainable intensities.” — and just kept going.


Prior to hitting the trail, Dave and I did a CrossFit workout in the somewhat steamy backyard. I always run better after the CF workouts ’cause I’m warmed up (and fired up).

3 rounds, 1:00 each station

  • man-makers, 10-lb. dbs (still nursing the left shoulder)
  • jump rope
  • med ball slams, 10-lb. ball
  • plank
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