I AM CROSSFIT Finale Workout

Wow! I love when I’m wrong.

My internal monologue has been like this for a few days: I don’t know about this whole I AM CROSSFIT thing. I don’t feel like I’m really going to see results. I mean, I’m happy about the half marathons and the extra workouts, but I’ve been kinda having trouble with the Zone, and that I AM CROSSFIT workout on January 3 sucked. I HATED it! I didn’t even finish. I don’t want to go on Saturday… I don’t have to go. I could skip it. I could just go for a run…

And on and on like that.

Bad attitude.

My weigh-in this morning at Weight Watchers did little to improve my disposition. I was up three pounds from two weeks ago, the result of a) not drinking enough water this week, and b) indulging a lot since the Austin Half Marathon. Cocktails, chocolate bread pudding, Doritos, and pizza do not a successful weigh-in make. They do, however, contribute to a fun life, and while I want to be lean and healthy, I also want to indulge once in a while. And, honestly, I don’t mind dealing with the consequences for the next few weeks.

But my mood was marginal going into my WW meeting. Then Pam, who is just an endless source of smart thinking, gave me a verbal kick in the pants. We were having a group discussion about the value of food logging, and I said something like, “I’ve been spending a lot of time with athletes, and they all keep food logs. Not because they think there’s something wrong with them or because they’re ‘bad,’ but because a log is a valuable tool in their training.”

After agreeing with me that a food log is a tool, not a punishment, Pam pointed out that I said “they” instead of “we” when referring to athletes. “What you think about yourself,” she said, “is who you are.”

plink! lightbulb on and burning bright

Right! I could go into the I AM CROSSFIT workout thinking it sucks, or I could go into the workout thinking I’m going to have fun and give the best performance I can today because I’m an “athlete” not a “fat girl trying to keep up with the cool kids.”

It’s all in the noggin.

So I went to CrossFit Central with a renewed attitude, ready for whatever my workout experience would be, and trying not to put too much emphasis on the fat calipers and measuring tape.

Have I mentioned that sometimes I really love being wrong?

When Carey took my measurements and pinched me, we learned this:

  • hips: down 1/2 inch to 33.25. I never! In my wildest dreams. Ever!
  • chest: down 1/4 inch
  • other measurements: maintained (woot!)


the best part…

  • body fat: down 3.1% from 24.7 to 21.6
21.6% body fat

According to this chart, I’m in the “fitness” range and soon, I’ll be in the “athlete” realm. Woohoo!

Buoyed by that excellent news, I started feeling optimistic about the workout. I did a few practice pullups with the awesome green rubberband, and talked smack with Bonita. It’s still amazing to me — even though I’ve learned over and over again that it works — how much just thinking positively and saying things like “this is going to be fun” out loud makes a difference.

My Bootcamp pal Blake and I had agreed to be support partners today. It helps tremendously to have someone to stretch and hold the band while you’re trying to get your foot into it — and knowing someone is waiting for your arrival back at “home base” when you’re out slogging through the 400m run is a great motivator. Unlike last month, I paid attention and got in a full warmup and practice cleans and some water.


The workout
3 rounds, 12 minute cut-off:

  • 400m run
  • 15 pullups
  • 7 hang cleans, 65-lb. barbell

I did it! All of it! No bailouts on the cleans or embarrassing pullups.

My time: 11:04
…a vast improvement over my DNF from January 3.

Big thanks to my fan section for keeping me going — and to Blake for being a most-excellent workout parther.

We all stuck around to cheer for each other during the rest of the workout waves. CrossFit Central has done a phenomenal job of building community around torturous workouts. It’s a thing of beauty, everyone fighting their personal workout battles while surrounded by friends encouraging them and waging their own wars on fatigue and fear… and laughing a lot while doing it.

I’m super proud of all my warrior girls, in no particular order…

Bonita, who did the Level I weight AND kipping pullups ’cause she’s made of tougher stuff than you

Stacey, who lost 2% body fat and 2 inches off her waist and thrashed the workout to bits

Erin, who’s back and kicking ass and gave it her all today, despite a wonky shoulder

Erika, who lost 9 lbs. and 10.75 inches and 3.7% body fat and pulverized the workout

Blake, who KILLED it on the workout even though she was nervous about it

Devon, who was a f*cking speed demon this morning… 10:14!

Julie, who I know didn’t want to do the workout but did it anyway (Julie, if you’re reading this… Congratulations on gutting it up today and on your AWESOME 11-mile run yesterday. You=steel.)

And last but certainly not least, Carla, who brought her dazzling smile and warmth back from CrossFit Houston to make us go faster and stronger.

Thank you to Lance (on-the-spot coaching and making sure my station was set), Mike (badass instruction and motivation), Megan (boundless positive energy), Crystal (pushing me to be my best every time), Carey (unflagging belief and top-notch caliper work), Jeremy (awesome Jeremy-ness), and Randal (a reminder that it’s all about the fun) for the encouragement today. Y’all are the best coaches on the planet!

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  • erikajeanne says:

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You are an athlete Mel, and should start working that into your personal description… All your fans see you as one, it’s time you stepped in line.

  • Erin Clare says:

    My Iron Cheerleaders were the only reason why I even showed up. Once I was there, you guys totally helped me feel much better.

    Way to rock it, ladies!!

  • bernie says:

    I don’t know what that crazy chart says, but you crossed into athlete territory… I don’t even know when. When you started running 9 minute miles?!? I mean, you don’t even have a toe near the border between athlete and non-athlete territory.

  • Melicious says:

    Thank you, ladies, for your awesome support! And yeah, I guess I gotta stop thinking “me vs. them” then I talk about athletes. DAMN IT! Now I’m a freakin’ athlete.