My Face Might Explode

We had a 3-hour Peter Elliott and the Sellouts band practice last night. We did a lot of hard work and had some fun, and I left Music Lab feeling pretty excited. It’s looking like we might book a a show soon! But by the time I got home, I was droopy. It’s a long day from 5:15 a.m. alarm through CrossFit Women on to a full work day, then a 5:40 bus ride home, fast dinner, and off to rock it good. Whew!

I dragged by gear into the house, ate a snack, and hit the pillow around midnight. When the alarm rang at 6:20 a.m., I was really, really not into it.

But Dave and I straggled out of bed and into castle-storming gear. By 7:00 a.m., we were in front of the house with PVC pipes and marginal attitudes for fast feet, high knees, squats, pushups, and rotations. Going through the warmup ritual warmed up both my body and my attitude for our I AM CROSSFIT workout.

4 rounds for time:
10 dumbbell cleans, 15-lb dbs
25 pushups
400m run

My time: 17:55

Man! On paper, that workout had the look of “not too bad,” but it was tough. In retrospect, I probably could’ve handled 20-lb. dumbbells for the cleans, but the pushups were brutal. The actually did make me feel like my face might explode.., there’s just something magical about dropping from the vertical clean into the horizontal pushup that makes me feel like my face might spring right off my skull. Pretty girl!

Anyway, by the end, I was fighting them out five at a time. I imagined Megan standing over me, coaching me to get my chest to the ground on each one. And eventually, they were done.

I’ve decided to break my quest for pullups into manageable chunks. Carey recommended that I separate my band work from kipping practice, so right now, I’m working on this:

10 pullups with the band
3-5 practice swings without the band

After I enjoyed (!) doing my pullup training (to be clear, the ! means I didn’t enjoy it. At all. It was kind of yucky.), we did partner med ball work, which I enjoyed for real… like this 🙂

10-lb. med ball
15 cradles
1 set wheel of fortune

Today our office held a Mardi Graw potluck. I decided to bring my own food (tofu & shrimp curry over cabbage and zucchini), but I wore gold jeans and a purple sweater with a pile of beads to show I’ve got the Fat Tuesday spirit. My two indulges: a 2-bite taste of bread pudding with bourbon sauce, and a teaspoon full of frosting with two tiny bites of King Cake.

Fat Tuesday? Not this year!

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