Thrusters: Dead To Me

I’ve declared open war on thrusters. I don’t like them; they don’t like me. That’s the current way of the world.

Thrusters are dead to me.

They were part of our workout today, and I somehow did them while ignoring them. Neat trick, right?

Our workout
2 stations, 2X, 5 minutes each station:

Station 1
15 box jumps
15 thrusters
15 swings

Station 2
12 broad jumps
12 push jerk
12 med ball cleans

Med ball abs:
15 cradles, 10-lb. ball, uphill
20 overhead throw

I took it easy this morning because (1) I had/have cramps; (2) I wanted to get in a workout but not overdo it because on Sunday I gotta be a superhero. This morning, I finished each sequence twice at each station.

I’m resentful that I don’t feel better right now. I’m physically and mentally wiped out from work this week, and the cramps are not helping. But having them today means that by tomorrow, I’ll be almost better and on Sunday, I should feel like a champ.

Being a girl can really suck sometimes.

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