Saturday Workout? Check. Saturday Nap? Check.

Dave and I had a rip-roarin’ Saturday morning, and now I get my just reward: an episode of “American Idol.”

I started early with my Weight Watchers meeting at 6:30 a.m. It was a good one! We celebrated a member reaching her 100-lb. loss milestone. She joined two years ago because she needed knee surgery… but couldn’t have that taken care of until she lost some weight. Her two-step plan was to have bariatric surgery as a precursor to the knee surgery. But her doctor required her to “prove you’ve tried everything” before having the bariatric surgery. Her plan was to go to WW for 6 months to prove it wouldn’t work, then have her two surgeries. But once she started WW, she didn’t leave… instead she was succesful. This year, she’s down 100 pounds and participated in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.

When I got home, Dave and I tackled part 1 of today’s I AM CROSSFIT workout: 100 burpees for time. I did them in sets of 5 (taking a short break between sets to huff and puff before counting myself down 3-2-1-GO!)… just 20 sets of those, and I was done. Ha! My time: 13:43.

Then because I am determined to conquer the tall jump box, I did this:

2 rounds:
20 box jumps, 18-inch box
20 1-legged step-ups, 24-inch box

After a quick snack break, we met Erin for part 2: hill running on Mesa. (You can see the satellite photo at this Google maps link. Scroll down from Cat Mountain toward 2222 to the south to see our route… or come on down to Austin and run it with us!) We ran from the bottom at 2222 to the top at Cat Mountain two times. The run DOWN was a delight! I don’t think I ever ran that fast… and that’s the reward of climbing the hill: you get to be the wind on the way back down.

The hill has about 5-6 segments that range from “gradual grade” to “more of an incline” to “nasty hill.” It’s about .8 miles from bottom to top, and I was able to run 2-minute intervals with 30-second walk breaks… finished the first time in about 10 minutes and the second time in 9:03.

It was stupid fun! Don’t get me wrong: it was damn hard. But man! it really felt like playing.

I will now retire into a heap to watch “American Idol” and to get some beauty rest… for tonight, I rock with Karaoke Apocalypse at the Creekside Lounge. (7th & Red River. 10:00 p.m. Be there or be super square.)

Happy Saturday!

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