Pole Dancer Fail

My pal Stacey introduced me to Fail Blog at just about the most inopportune time: the middle of a client conference call. She sent me an IM with a link, and I mistakenly watched it during the meeting. I almost blew a gasket trying not to laugh out loud — almost had a Professionalism Fail.

This was the video: “Best Man Fail”

This morning on my way to Bootcamp, I heard a radio commercial for “Stripper Idol” at Palazio Gentlemen’s (ahem) Club (which, by the way, has a PACKED parking lot every time I drive by. 11:23 a.m. on a Tuesday. 5:14 p.m. on a Sunday. 12:45 a.m. on a Friday). Stripper Idol is an opportunity for wannabe strippers to do a 60-second routine for a shot at 500 bucks. As my friend Rich said the other day, “Class, pure class.”

Do you think it looks like this?

And then I found this news story:

AUSTIN – “American Idol” wants an Austin strip club to take it off. The company that owns the popular television show sued in federal court to stop the weekly “Stripper Idol” contest at Palazio Men’s Club. FremantleMedia North America also wants to seize Palazio’s profits from the amateur stripping contest.

But the cherry on top of the sundae was this story from TMZ – be sure to read all the way to the last paragraph:

FremantleMedia — the massive corporation that created “American Idol” — is suing the owners of the Palazio Men’s Club in Texas — which the suit describes as “a gentlemen’s club at which women remove off their clothes while dancing to music” — over a $500 stripper competition they held called “Stripper Idol.”

In the lawsuit, filed this week in U.S District Court in Texas, Fremantle claims Palazio’s competition has tarnished the singing show’s good name. Fremantle is looking to strip away the club’s profits from “S.I.” — along with collecting on all damages sustained and legal fees accrued from the suit.

The club’s owner, Lampros, told us: “I don’t feel they have any grounds to sue … This is just our way of inticing [sic] people to come out and have a good time and contribute to the economic crisis that is going on.”

Spelling fail?

Rationalization fail?

You decide.

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