Castle Storming Complete

More details tomorrow. Just wanted to post my time and say I had a blast running this morning.

According to my watch — which I stopped twice for port-a-pottie breaks… which included waiting in line… gah! — I finished in 2:07.


(And the clock time when I finished was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2:20.)

In case you’re math-challenged, that 2:07 comes out to 9:41 per mile. I’m so ridiculously happy and proud of myself. It’s verging on self-indulgent, but whatever. 13.1 miles is far, yo!

I ate my chips & queso, and now my immediate future calls for a shower and some serious pillow time.

Thanks for all the well wishes you sent last night and this a.m. You buoyed my spirits.

Tomorrow, I’ve got lots of stories to tell…

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