Ready to Storm the Castle

Dave and I drove the course today: meh. It’s mostly urban sprawl — a lot of frontage road and fast food signage for “scenery.” And it’s long. SO long… I saw the port-a-potties at miles 6, 8, and 10! Nice.

I re-worked my iPod playlist. All songs that usually inspire a fast-forward have been deleted, and the little sucker is fully-charged.

My bib is pinned to my cold-weather running shirt. My timing ribbon is attached to my shoe.

The four packets of PowerGel I’ll need are next to the kitchen door with a bottle of water.

Running tights, socks, workout bra, hat, and gloves (old ones that I can safely discard along the course if I get too hot) are piled on my dresser, along with the snap-on pocket where I carry my PowerGel.

I made low-fat sausage and egg breakfast tacos — with strawberries and almonds on the side — for us to eat in the car on the way to the starting line at 5:30 tomorrow.

My alarm is set for 4:57 a.m. (the seven is for luck).

So now I’m going to eat half a Balance bar with a glass of milk and settle into bed for an episode of Law & Order. Happy Half Marathon Eve, y’all!

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  • becomingtheafter says:

    As I write this you’ve both long since left the house, devoured the in-transit burritos, and are either running or gearing up to do so. I hope you’re having a terrific half-marathon experience!