What A Difference A Day Makes

Man! Yesterday this was me: “I’m doing great! I love the Zone! Sure, I could’ve done better last week, but I think I did great for my first week back in the hard routine… blah blah blah blah.

This morning, my stomach hurts, my head is stuffy, and I’m filled with regret for the Sunday evening that might have been.

I don’t want to bash anyone or crush dreams, so I’ll just say this: the karaoke competition I judged last night did not live up to entertainment expectations. At all.

And it went late… ’til 12:45 a.m.

And I drank a glass of wine. A big-ish one.

And ate a whole bunch of cheese (full fat) and olives (more than 5) and crackers (useless).

So to recap:

  • The show wasn’t fun.
  • I went way outside the Zone.
  • I was up too late to be able to wake up for Bootcamp this morning.
  • It cost me about $20 for the food at the Alamo.

And now I have a headache and stomach ache, and I think I’m getting a cold.


Moving to a positive place: lessons learned.

I’m now more committed than ever to my “no socializing on Sunday night” rule. I need that quiet time to gear up for the coming week.

I had a Balance bar in my purse last night, but didn’t eat it in time to stave off hunger — and that lead to bad food choices. So… I need eat before I’m hungry in social situations.

I need to just let it go now. Sunday is over.

Again I say: sigh.

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  • Bonita says:

    I know you. Since you let youself slip a bit, you’ll push yourself extra hard this week.