1st O’ The Month = Assessments

The last time we did our fitness assessments with Crystal was November 3, and I hit my all-time high for tabata squats.

I did even better today!

Tabata squats: 22-22-22-22
Woot! I added one since November and maintained the same number for all four. Cool!

Pushups: 37
Last month I was bummed ’cause I was down from the previous. Today I did 37, which is two more than my previous high. Elbows back, chest almost to the ground… sweet!

Situps: 39
Meh. Did 40 last time. Whatever.

We had to postpone our sprint ’til Wednesday because we were in the parking garage this morning and couldn’t correctly measure 400m.

Then we did some fun/hard stuff in the rainy, 37-degree temps. Blech!

2 rounds:

  • 20 superman
  • 20 sprawls
  • 20 180-turn jump squat
  • sprint 100m

Finished up with Wheel of Fortune with the 10-lb. medicine ball.

I’ve eaten one kickass Zone breakfast and one snack so far this morning. Drank a bottle of water and three cups of decaf tea (with one tiny Splenda shared between ’em). Took my Advocate supplements. Nothing left to do now but my dayjob, I guess.

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