What Time Is It?

I’ve got plenty to tell you about Christmas, but first, I have to go running. And today, I’ll be timing my intervals with my new watch that was given to me by Dave. I love it! If fulfills my criteria to a T:

  • black
  • chunky
  • easy to use
  • gadget-y

See?It’s the Nike Hammer (as in “I’m gonna drop the hammer on you, sucker.) It’s water resistant, has a digital chronograph, and can be set for hard/easy intervals, too.

I Went Running Today

Even when I did it all the time, I never became a very fast runner. But man! I loved running. Even when I hated running,...

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Steady State Cardio = Thyroid Killer?

I ditched "steady-state cardio" — those endless slogs of running for hours at the same pace — a long time ago... partially because I hated...

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