Reading Is Sexy: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

I recently finished reading The Piano Shop On The Left Bank by Thad Carhart, and it was just… enchanting. It tells the story of Carhart’s rekindling of his love for pianos, but it also describes the intricacies of relationships in Paris neighborhoods and is a reminder of how simple pleasures — music, conversation, companionship — are the dearest of all. Carhart mixes his personal stories with history and music theory so seamlessly, that lessons are learned the best way — through osmosis and the joy of being on the receiving end of a good story, well told.

There’s nothing flashy or splashy about the book. It’s quiet, unassuming, and engaging, like a perfectly-brewed cup of tea. It’s about pianos, but not… it’s about life and love and creativity and other messy-good stuff. Its tone reminded me of Searching for Bobby Fischer, a favorite movie of mine for many of the same reasons.

You can read an excerpt of The Piano Shop On The Left Bank here.

Or just go ahead and buy a used copy here. It’s a good gamble for under $5.

Need more convicing? Here’s a nice review.

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