More Calories + More Rest = Better Running?

I had a really great 3-mile run today! Was it the new watch? The bacon cookies? The massive amounts of rest I’ve been getting lately? Or maybe I’m just lighter without that annoying thyroid weighing me down?

Whatever it is, I’ll take it!

Total time: 28:45
Minutes per mile: 9:35

Neato! According to the Runner’s World race pace prediction calculator, I should be able to finish the half marathon in 2:17 or so… but that doesn’t include bathroom breaks, which are always a challenge for me.

Tomorrow we’re scheduled to run 10 miles. Gah! That sounds so far! My last long run was 9 miles, two weeks ago, and it was awful. It made me seriously reconsider my desire to do a half marathon. I’m hoping tomorrow is better, and I’m working on my attitude and hydration for it right now.

Here’s a list of good ’10’ things that I’m hoping will inspire me:

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