Karaoke Apocalypse – Tomorrow Night @ The Nomad

Karaoke Apocalypse is rockin’ the Nomad Bar tomorrow night. You should come out and play with us!

Nomad Bar – 1213 Corona Dr
Saturday, December 2o — that’s tomorrow, people!
10:30 p.m.

Reasons You Should Come to See Karaoke Apocalypse:

1. It’s officially the holiday season.
Time to drink, sing, and be merry… even for CrossFitters and Scrooges and rock ‘n’ rollers.

2. It’s Saturday night…
No work the next day. No early morning workout.

3. The band added Blitzkreig Bop to the set list.

4. I’m wearing a new “Santa’s Helper” dress.
Last year, I wore a cute vinyl Santa’s helper dress to our Xmas show, and since it was a little tighter than I wanted, I thought it would fit me perfectly this year. WRONG! It was humongous. (Goodwill has gotten some awesome stuff from me this year!) Naturally, I had to replace it. No closet is complete without a slutty Santa dress!

This is the new one. I will be prancing around in it tomorrow night. And with luck, won’t look quite as cheesy as the model in the photo.5. I’ll be handing out candy. The good stuff.
Last year, all the singers got candy canes, but this year, I’m getting candy worth eating: Hershey’s Miniatures and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry, merry! Happy, happy!

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