When the ‘A List’ Met the ‘B Scene’

Karaoke Apocalypse played a show at the Blanton Museum of Art on Friday night for the Blanton’s B scene (Be seen at the B scene!), a monthly cocktail party designed, apparently, to get all the really good looking people in Austin into one room. We had several reasons to be excited about the show:

  1. It was a prom party, and The DeadMotleySexMaidens are always eager to don a costume for the cause.
  2. As Chepo pointed out, we were playing in the same building as some great works of art.
  3. Four words: Ramones. In. The. Atrium.

I hit the jackpot at the Salvation Army: a green satin winter formal with a rhinestone bow at the waist and big ol’ crinoline-lined full skirt… for $6.99. A little ’80s magic (curling iron+hairspray, shimmery eye shadow, silver Converse, long gloves+rhinestone bracelets) was all it took to transform me into a high school prom date.

Austin360’s A List photographer was there to capture the moments; see all the photos here.

Here I am with Victoria, a wickedly talented artist and our drummer Adam’s prettier half:

The Blanton was decked out in snowflakes and Karaoke Apocalypse songlists, which were appropriately pruned for the occasion by removing songs with potentially offensive lyrics (see “Mother” and “I Don’t Care About You.).

Phil kicked things off with “Pretty In Pink.” He’s one of my favorite KA singers because he always does a good job AND he’s not afraid to go first.

Despite some initial reluctance on the part of party attendees, my sign-up list filled up as the cocktails flowed. Once the audience got into the spirit, it was a raucous show.

These two tackled “I Want You To Want Me,” and what they lacked in technical proficiency, they made up for in sequins and cleavage.

Just like in high school, by the end of the night, despite a generous coating of hair spray, the curls felt out of my hair — but the dress looks cute, right?!

If you’ve yet to attend a Karaoke Apocalypse show, you are really missing out. We have a gig on December 20 at the Nomad Bar, and our pre-holiday shows are always a blast. Candy canes and sexy Mrs. Claus outfits, anyone?

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