Zone-friendly Yogurt

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, macaroni & cheese, and whipped cream are notable exceptions, but truth be told, I’m not really a fan of mushy food. I like my meat well done. When I eat fried food, I want it extra crispy with those sharp, crunchy edges that might lacerate the inside of your mouth if you don’t bite just right. Extra dark toast. Well-charred bacon. I like food that might fight back.

So when several people reminded me I should eat yogurt as a precaution while I take antibiotics, I wasn’t too keen on the suggestion. Wasting an eating opportunity on a cup of yogurt is a total bummer.

But my pal Mamie did a grocery run and brought me the best possible yogurt: Danon Light & Fit Carb & Sugar Control. Well-played, Mamie.

What it’s got going for it:

  • It’s Zone-friendly. The nutrition breaks down to 45% fat, 20% carbs, and 33% protein. Nice.
  • It’s Weight Watchers-friendly. Just one WW point per cup.
  • It’s got a creamy texture and taste with no aspartame or yogurt after-taste.
  • It comes in five delicious flavors: Blueberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Raspberries & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, and Vanilla & Cream

Here’s the nutrition breakdown, in case you’re interested. If you buy it, make sure you get the Carb & Sugar Control version; the regular Light & Fit variety is fat-free and not Zone-friendly.

I have only 3 more doses of my antibiotics… hooray! Went for a walk yesterday (bor-ing!), and am hoping to go for a 4-mile walk/run tomorrow and Bootcamp on Monday morning. I’m still prone to fits of napping, so it remains to be seen how I’ll do. Who knew I could sleep this much?

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