Mushy Food, Crappy Movies, and Jane Eyre

Since I’m probably going to have a sore throat for a few days, I’ve made my list of mushy food requests, along with junk food movies to help me during my recovery.

My food list:

  • reduced-fat macaroni & cheese
  • chicken soup with stars
  • Chef Boyardee canned ravioli (I know! So gross, so good.)
  • butternut squash soup
  • Mexican lentil soup
  • chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  • chocolate pudding

My movie list:

  • Get Smart
  • Radio City Christmas Spectacular Featuring the Rockettes
  • Project Runway Season Four
  • Hellboy
  • Baby Mama

And when I’m ready to turn off the TV, I’ll hunker down with my favorite book of all time… Jane Eyre.

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  • Carla Marie says:

    So where does that leave the “bedraggled” panda?!!!

    My favorite recovery companion is my bear Rudy…whom I named after that little girl on the Bill Cosby show. I received him on my second Christmas – he came with a red and green scarf. A year ago I bought this red shirt for my dog, Jordy. Unfortunately it didn’t fit him, so now Rudy wears it…with gold glittered letters spelling “Gold Digga” on the back. Hah! It’s no red and green scarf, but it works.

    I’ve never read Jane Eyre, but I intend to someday. My favorite was Mansfield Park.

    Best wishes on your journey of recovery 🙂

    We’ll be swinging Kettlebells together in no time!


  • Janis says:

    Good luck and enjoy your nursing home diet! 🙂 Sending good vibes your way!