Monday Bootcamp & Thyroid Surgery Fun Facts

Bootcamp was awesome this morning, but I continue to be distracted by thoughts of my surgery on Wednesday. Intellectually, I know there’s no cause for alarm; this is just a small bump in the road. But emotionally, I want to be under a snuggly blanket with my Teddy, a seriously bedraggled stuffed panda my dad gave me on my first Christmas.

Monday Bootcamp
4 rounds

  • jump rope, 1 minute
  • 50 Russian twist, 10-lb. ball

My jumps: 130 – 140 – 130 – 144

4 rounds

  • 20 wall dips, feet on med ball
  • 10 R/10L walking lunge w/ 15-lb dumbbell overhead
  • 15 push jerk, 15-lb. dumbbells

2 rounds

  • hill sprint
  • 20 squats
  • 20 pushups

Thyroid Lobectomy Fun Facts

  1. The incision in my neck will be 3-4 inches long, right where my collar bones meet my breastbone.
  2. The surgery will take 2 to 2.5 hours unless they have to remove the whole thyroid gland; then it will take longer, but I don’t know how much longer.
  3. I will probably have a sore throat for 3-7 days. (I’m definitely eating chocolate peanut butter ice cream on Thursday.)
  4. They’ll give me prescription pain killers, but after the first 24 hours or so, I should only need Tylenol.
  5. I have to take antibiotics for five days after the surgery.
  6. I can’t drive for a week because the muscles of my neck will be stiff.
  7. No heavy lifting for at least 10 days. (No pushups for 10 days… gah!)

If the hospital has Wi-Fi, Dave will be a guest blogger here on Wednesday to update y’all on how the surgery went and whether or not I have to stay overnight. He’ll also have my cell, so you can call my number and talk to him for news. I predict I will mostly be snoozing in my new Surgery Outfit: fleece pants, leopard slippers, and a really snuggly gray sweater that I can’t wait to wear under happier circumstances. (Yes, every event is a new fashion opportunity.)

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