To I-35 and Beyond

Dave and I ran 8.5 miles today. The temperature was perfect for our new superhero outfits (a.k.a., Under Armour® Cold Gear), and the sun was sparkly on the water.

We started at the RunTex water stop by the South First bridge and went east, under the Congress bridge, past the Four Seasons, under I-35, and along the lake until the wooden bridge that was our turn-around point at about 2.25 miles. Then we ran back to the car for Gu and Rehydrate before taking the 4.17-mile loop around the lake in the other direction… past Stevie Ray to the Magic Bridge and Turtle Cove, across the ped bridge at Mopac… left, right, left, right, left, right… all the way back to the RunTex water stop. I finished in 86 minutes = 10-minute miles.

It was really pretty great, and I feel energized, not fatigued. It’s fantastic!

Dave is on the burpee train, so we did 15 burpees as a warmup to our run, and while I was waiting for Dave to hydrate at the halfway mark, I did 10 pushups. Not exactly CrossFit numbers, but better than none, right?

Tomorrow is Bootcamp, Tuesday is a run, and Wednesday: Knife time.

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