I Prefer Ultravox to Ultrasound

Before we jump into the ultrasound discussion, I invite you to enjoy some vintage 1984 Ultravox.

I feel like my workout mojo has gone missing. My energy’s been on a downward slide for a few weeks and last Saturday, I had to stop at mile 5.5 of a planned 7.5-mile run. My legs just refused to go any further with any kind of speed. The 2-mile walk of shame back to the car was a real morale buster.

I usually sleep 7-8 hours a night and bounce out of bed, awake before the alarm, eager to get moving. But lately, I’ve been getting 10-12 hours of pillow time and am still feeling groggy, even after a shower and breakfast.

Not cool.

So yesterday I went to the doctor. (Dr. Lifshen, Capital Family Practice. Very kind, super smart, never tried to talk me out of Roller Derby, a fan of supplementing traditional medicine with homeopathic treatments. He’s the bomb.)

He poked and prodded and asked questions and looked me over and found nothing obviously wrong in my exam. He thinks that maybe what’s going on is this: I had a nasty respiratory infection a few weeks ago — I did enjoy some kickass stuffiness and coughing in September/early October — and my body eventually kicked it. But now my reserves are depleted and the fatigue is the aftermath of fighting the good fight.

Just to be sure, he drew three vials of blood for various tests and recommended an ulstrasound of my thyroid because it felt like it might be a little bit swollen. My ultrasound is scheduled for this afternoon.


So that’s my story. I’m feeling quite glum.

My last workout was Monday, and it’s a very real challenge for me to remain true to my eating plan when I’m not moving, too. I’m writing everything in my food log and trying to think about healing my body and pumping up my energy with healthy food. But it’s hard to avoid the trap of a treat to nurse my bad attitude and low energy.

I should have test results in a few days. I guess I’m a little bit heartened by the idea that Dr. Lifshen thinks I’m just tired — and that “reassurance and rest” are what I need. I sure would like to feel better now.

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