Raise the Roof

So… if you do a Google image search for “raise the roof,” you get some pretty funny returns. This was my favorite:I was trying to think of goofy dancing and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care during Bootcamp this morning. It was a shoulder- and thigh-burner.

Our workout
4 rounds for time:

  • 10 overhead press + 10 overhead squat, 15-lb. dumbbells
  • 15 push press + 15 front squat, 15-lb. dumbbells
  • 20 push jerk, 15-lb. dumbbells + 20 jump squats (no weight)
  • lap around the UTB field

My time: 23:37

  • 100 bicycles

Um. Overhead squat with dumbbells is really, really hard. Like, use-all-your-concentration-skills-to-get-your-fanny-to-the-ball hard.

I almost didn’t get out of bed in time for class this morning. When the alarm went off, I swam up to consciousness and argued with myself for a while about whether or not I needed to workout this morning. It was a rough start, but as always, I felt eons better after spending time sweating with my people. So especially special thanks to Crystal, Annie, Carla, Maggie, and Blake for being my partners in crime this morning.

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