Be the Bear

This morning we did a modified Bear Complex + Bear Crawl at Bootcamp.

My attitude was kinda sucky when we started, but by the end, my clothes were streaked with dirt, the dust on my hands had turned to mud, and I had grit in my teeth. When I got home after class and caught sight of myself in the mirror on the way to the shower, I realized I had some feather tufts and hunks of dried grass in my hair. Pretty girl!

You know I loved it.

[In my imagination, we all looked like this. Photo source.]

Our workout:
5 Rounds, 10 reps:

  • Dumbbell clean, 15-lb. dumbbells
  • Front Squat
  • Thruster
  • Bear Crawl between each round

20X med ball around-the-world
20X med ball overhead situp + 2-knee slam

2 Rounds:

  • 10X one-arm kettlebell swing, L & R
  • sprint up the hill to third pillar on bridge

35 crunches
30 scissors
20 straight leg drops
20 hip dips, L & R
10 dirty dog (blech)

And because I am relentless/stubborn/disciplined/determined/a total whackjob:

25 burpees (with a vow to myself to do the remaining 20 sometime today.)

When I was picking up stuff to head home, I saw something glinting in the grass. It was a Cub Scout’s kerchief slide with a bear on it. Neato.

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