Doing Good By Fighting Bad

I worry a little that Mr. Randal Setzler is going to think I’m “single white female-ing” him… but I have to copycat him a little because he can do all the nifty physical tricks the characters in my book will do (and that I will some day, too) and his blog always has such good stuff, like…

… this video about Fight Gone Bad.

I like it because it doesn’t just showcase the physical workout — it also includes some pretty personal interview snippets that are an excellent reminder of why Saturday’s event isn’t “just a workout.”

So… in the video, the interviewer asks, “Why is a girl doing a workout this hard for prostate cancer?”

My answer would be, “Because I’ve worked really hard to get healthy and strong and that should be put to some good use besides tiny new jeans.”

It’s good to step outside worrying about my own damn self — and to stop being so vain (ahem) — and join with a bunch of other people to put our bodies to work for something better.

To everyone who donated to the cause, thank you. Here’s what I’ll be doing on Saturday, and I’ll be thinking of you with every rep so I don’t quit when it gets hard:

Fight Gone Bad – Intermediate Workout
1 minute each station, 3 rounds:

  • push press, 35-lb. bar
  • wall ball, 8-lb. medicine ball
  • box jumps, 20-inch box (I’ll be doing step-ups ’cause still scared of the 20-inch box. Damn that 20-inch box!)
  • deadlift high pull, 35-lb. bar
  • rowing machine

Each rep counts toward a total score. Lance Cantu, one of the CrossFit Central coaches, has a goal to hit 400. I’m not committing to a number! Let’s call it: “do as many as I can without quitting or barfing.” Check back here Saturday afternoon for my total.

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