Whining – And What I’m Gonna Do About It

[begin whining]

I’ve been feeling pretty darn sorry for myself for a few days. Let’s recap:

1. I’m behind on my burpees. Like, way behind. It’s going to take me two days of catch-up to catch up.

2. Until this morning, I was on an almost non-stop coughing bender.

3. The last time I worked out was Sunday, and I had to bail on my planned 6-mile run after only 3 miles. My body was freaking out: itchy skin, aching lungs, uncontrollable coughing.

4. I’ve got the major blues because whenever I can’t workout, I feel like all the lbs. I lost are just sitting in the shadows, waiting to jump right back onto my body. The triumph I felt at the end of August has faded. Now I’m plagued by that little demon who sits on my shoulder and whispers, “You’re lazy. And soon, you’re gonna be fat again. You really think that cough is enough to skip your workout? You’re just lazy.”

5. My new sneakers are blue. Did I mention that? Blue. I hate blue. I mean, it’s great on other people. I just hate it on me. In my ideal world, I’d have black sneaks with leopard trim. I’m sure they’d make me run faster.

[end whining]

Anyway. My cough seems to have left the building today, and the weather is gorgeous, so Dave and I are hitting the hike and bike trail for a run after work. Maybe 3 miles, maybe more.

And then I’m going to do at least 50 burpees to make some headway on getting current with the 100 Day Burpee Challenge.

And tomorrow morning, my butt will be at CrossFit Central for our indoor class.

That’s what I’m gonna do about it.

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