Good News / Bad News

First, the bad news.

It’s been almost two weeks of intermittent sleepless nights, occasional nausea, stuffy head, scratchy cough, and too many missed workouts. Today while struggling through three miles around the lake, I realized it’s time to go to the doctor.


Cross your fingers that his advice is to just continue what I’ve been doing (Claritin, Mucinex, water, rest) and wait until I feel better.

Now, the good news.

I had a great weigh-in at Weight Watchers yesterday. I was down another 2.4 lbs. which means I have just 1.8 lbs. to goal. I joked yesterday that if I cut my hair, I could be there now!

No haircuts in my future – just more Zone eating and — as soon as I’m well — CrossFit workouts.

I’m also excited because last week a friend of mine attended her first Weight Watchers meeting, and yesterday she learned she’d lost more than 5 lbs. in her first week on the program. Hooray!

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