Thank You, Ragweed & Elm

I’m having a miserable week. I only worked out twice, and have seen 2:00-4:00 a.m. almost every night, thanks to a terrible allergy cough that keeps waking me from a sound sleep. I take Claritin and Mucinex DM every day, but I guess monsieurs ragweed and elm are too much for my OTC treatments this week. I even tried taking Nyquil. It successfully knocked me out for six hours of black-out sleep, but as soon as the dose wore off, I was coughing again — and groggy to boot.

I can’t decide if is a helpful tool or harbinger of doom, but here’s the 4-day allergy forecast, in case you’re interested:
I’m running in the morning whether I feel like it or not. I just knocked out 20 burpees to make up for yesterday, and I think I’m going to do another 21 to fulfill my requirement for today. Which means if I do sets of 22 and 23 tomorrow, I’ll be caught up the CrossFit Central web site.

My body is craving movement — and it’s so much easier to abide by my food goals when I’m getting the requisite amount of activity. I accidentally ate a few tortilla chips at lunch today! Gah! I just mindlessly munched, then remembered my (annoying) goal to NOT eat chips and salsa for the next six weeks.

Meh. I’m not perfect. That’s a shocker, eh?

Hope you all are breathing free and keeping up with your burpees.

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