No Treats = No Fun

One of the things that’s great about Weight Watchers is that it includes a “safety valve” for the occasional treat. The majority of the time, a WW devotee is meant to eat foods that fall within the “Good Health Guidelines.” The Guidelines are pretty much what you’d expect: lean protein, fruits & vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, limited sugar and alcohol.

But then there are magical, wonderful “flex points” that can be used for a serving of, say, low-fat ice cream or a few bites of a peanut butter bar. The allowance of 35 flex points a week provides wiggle room for supplementing the everyday, healthy foods with something a little indulgent one in a while.

Unless your me. For the next six weeks. And you’ve decided to be hard core about the Zone. Then there are no treats.


It’s been my habit to have a dark chocolate Hershey kiss or a Bit-O-Honey after dinner — just a little something sweet. I know that having one chocolate kiss isn’t going to prevent me from reaching my goal weight, but for six weeks, I really want to challenge myself to resist food that doesn’t provide a physical benefit. Sure, a bite of dessert would be a psychological balm, but only for the few seconds it’s on my tongue.

I know remaining true to my “Lose For Good” commitments will have long-term benefits — physically and mentally. So I’m gonna tough it out.

No Bit-O-Honey tonight.

Two days down; 40 to go.

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