My "Lose for Good" Plan

Dave and I had breakfast plans with our pals from the ‘hood, and we got all distracted looking at photos of ourselves online from the Human Race. (Who wouldn’t be distracted by this photo? How badass is my partner-in-crime?!)
Anyway, because we puttered around, we had to cut our run short this a.m. But we got in three miles and a promise to do six miles tomorrow to stay on track with our Half Marathon training schedule.

And I did 17 burpees for the 100 Day Burpee Challenge.

My Weight Watchers weigh-in was a non-event this morning: up .4 lbs. (Stupid scale. Stupid water weight.) But I’m SUPER EXCITED about the Lose for Good event happening over the next six weeks.My goal is to lose at least 6 lbs. and to do it, I’m committing to the following:

1. Indoor CrossFit Women 1X per week
2. Bootcamp 2X per week
3. Running 3X per week
4. Continue the 100 Day Burpee Challenge
5. No chips & salsa (None! Not even one. This will be VERY hard.)
6. No coffee (I usually have one cup a day, but not for the next six weeks.)
7. No low-fat ice cream
8. Zone seven days a week and keep my food log up-to-date
9. Drink lots of water (all day long at the office)
10. Take my Advocare supplements everyday (Thermoplus 2X, Catalyst 2X, Rehydrate 1X) plus my other supps (fish oil, glucasamine, multi-V, psyllium husks)

It’s only six weeks. Surely I can live without corn chips for a month and a half. And if I do all this and don’t lose 6 lbs… meh. Whatever. Rockstar Spartan behavior trumps the scale every time. And I’ll be lookin’ F-I-N-E.

But man! It would be so cool to get to my goal weight by mid-October, then it’s six weeks of Weight Watchers maintenance, and I’ll become a Lifetime member.

I could be Lifetime by the Turkey Trot!

And the best part: our WW meeting leader Pam (fabulous, inspiring, supportive) has upped the ante of the Lose for Good program. In October, we’re going to have a WW food drive to donate to the local food bank. My plan is to donate an amount equal to my total weight loss, so if I’m successful, I’m be donating 50 lbs. of food.

That’s motivation to stick to my plan.

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