Today I Feel…

My pal Carla gave me the cutest gift this morning:It’s a magnet with a moveable frame that lets me tell the world whether it should approach with caution, or if I’m a pussycat. Awesome! (Thank you, Carla!)

As you can see in the scan above, I’m feeling Spunky today. And what a relief! After my weekend adventures, I was struck down by the stomach bug that seems to be plaguing Austin. I spent all week not eating and wanting to sleep. My beautiful Zone diet was thrown out the window while I choked down plain pasta, dry toast, animal crackers, and some poached egg whites. Blech.

In the middle of that, I learned I won third place in the Spartan Challenge. Woot! Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Challenge this summer. Sixteen weeks is a long time to stay focused — and the results are awesome! (Seriously, check out the badasses in the 300 Success Stories blog. Amazing.) I’ve never won any athletic-related award. Ever. Even in Roller Derby, I won “Best Rack” and “Fan Favorite”and “Miss Texas Rollergirl” — but no skating-related honors.

So I’m super excited about my Spartan success and ready to tackle what’s next. Gymnastics Workshop on September 20. Fight Gone Bad on September 27. A 10k in San Antonio and a 5-mile trail run in Bastrop in October. Heavier weights at CrossFit Women’s indoor classes. And getting to my goal weight in the process.

I never had to write one of those “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essays in grade school, so starting next Monday, I’ll be recapping my awesome summer adventures so we can re-live the fun (and sweat!) together.

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  • PlainJane says:

    Hi Melissa! I found this post, looking for alternatives to the standard post-stomach-bug diet. Since you’ve been eating clean for a long time now, do have any suggestions for better foods to eat after throwing up? Specifically, for children.

    • I would recommend boiled white potatoes, roasted/boiled sweet potatoes, bananas, boiled/mashed plantains, bone broth, and even a little steamed white rice, plus scrambled eggs to get some protein.