Back to Bootcamp

I dragged my sorry butt out of bed this morning to return to Bootcamp after four days (!) of forced rest. It was fantastic to be back among my peeps. Who knew I could miss Crystal and her torture so much?!

After our warm-up, we picked up our med balls and went on a field trip to the Mopac Bridge (site of UTBs). I LOVE when we take field trips — even if it means jogging with the ball. We caused quite a sensation among the runners and dog walkers sipping water at the Runtex water station. Something along the lines of “What are those weirdos doing?”

What we were doing was sprinting and sprawling and squating… oh, my. We did:

  • baseballs throws
  • overhead throws
  • uphill sprints
  • backward running
  • high knees
  • sprawls
  • jump squats
  • planks
  • jumps over the med ball
  • mountain climbers

After that, sweaty and happy, we jogged back to home base and did our burpees for the day (16) and 75 Russian twists. Then, because I slacked yesterday, I did another set of burpees (15) to fulfill my obligations to the 100 Day Burpee Challenge.

Whew! Now I will sleep the sleep of the just tonight. (Weight Watchers weigh-in tomorrow a.m. I really hope I’m closer to my goal. Cross your fingers for me!)

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