Randal Setzler (traceur, CrossFit Coach, gymnast, superhero) joined us at the Run for the Peanut Butter Bars Sunday morning, then brought his bag of tricks to the pool.

As y’all know, I have a history not of athletic achievement, but of embarrassment (split shorts at cheerleading tryouts), injury (multiple broken ankles and emergency room stitches), chubbiness (ahem), and then… salvation in the form of triathlons, Roller Derby and now, CrossFit.

I’ve currently set my sight on pullups, handstands (at least against a wall or with a spotter), and what I’m calling “faux parkour” which is loosely defined in my noggin as the ability to vault a bench or wall without smashing in my face or tearing my fishnets. I’ve selected Randal as my inspiration for these endeavors because he can, seemingly, do just about any trick you might think of. He and Carey (no slouch in the superhero department herself) make it look easy, don’t they?

Seriously, how beautiful and fun is that?!

My head is again filled with daydreams of leaping and flying and flipping and inverting.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

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