Final Spartan 300 Workout Tomorrow

There’s a lot of trying not to think going on at my house today. Dave’s always admonishing me to “stop thinking so much,” so I’m doing my best to chill out, nap, read my book, and relax.

At the beginning of the month, I got myself all worked up before the 300 Workout. Bad idea. I didn’t enjoy the workout as much as previous attempts, and I don’t think I performed as well as I could have because of it.

So today, I’m trying to just enjoy my day off from work and forget that I have Weight Watchers weigh-in in the morning (I was three pounds from goal at my last weigh-in; where am I now?!) and calipers/measuring/300-ing tomorrow at 8:00.

I do, however, have a plan/goals for the workout tomorrow:

  • 25 pullups, with a box, kipping
  • 50 deadlifts, 85 lbs.
  • 50 pushups, all toes, baby
  • 50 box jumps, box w/plates on top
  • 50 floor wipers, 65 lbs.
  • 50 kettlebell clean & press, 13 lbs.
  • 25 pullups, with a box, kipping

This morning’s Bootcamp workout was a good one. When we asked her what it was called, Crystal said it was “What are all the tools in your toolbox?”

2 rounds, 30 seconds each exercise:

  • decline pushups
  • mountain climbers
  • overhead squat with dumbbells, 10 lbs. each
  • box jumps
  • dumbbell push press, 15 lbs. each
  • medicine ball rockets
  • rows, 10 lbs. each, pushup position
  • three sprints

med ball abs: Russian twist, overhead throw

After workout, Dave and I picked up our packets for the Nike+ Human Race. I’m number 310,688! I wish we were running in Istanbul. (Runners in Istanbul will cross the Bosphorus Bridge, which means they’ll literally run from Europe to Asia and back again.)
I also got all the supplies for the Peanut Butter Bars for the run on Sunday morning. My cart was an abomination — 3 bags of powdered sugar, 5 jars of peanut butter, 2 boxes of graham crackers, 2 lbs. of reduced-fat butter. I usually strut through HEB — smug, insufferable — with my cart of cabbage and low-fat cheese and almonds and blueberries and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Maybe I should have worn a disguise today.

And so… everything that can be done to prepare for the coming adventures is done. My schedule, included here so that I can, perhaps, stop obsessing over it in my noggin:

Weight Watchers weigh-in
Spartan 300 Workout at CrossFit Central

Run for the Peanut Butter Bars
Nike+ Human Race

CrossFit Women (Darn that Carey! She didn’t cancel class!)
… and then the greatest nap the world has ever known

Maybe even a nap now!

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