Party Girl

In the past week, I’ve gone dancing TWICE, had cocktails TWICE, skipped writing in my food log THREE times, and slept an average of 5 hours per night.

Wow. That’s really bad.

I had a great workout this morning at Bootcamp and ate a healthy Zone breakfast. Tomorrow, Dave and I are running 5 miles, and I’ll be doing my solo Spartan workout on Sunday.

Hello, track! I’m back.

But before I return to the straight and narrow, take a look at these photos from our company’s ’80s party on Wednesday night. Not only was it fun, it was a personal victory. I would never have even considered wearing a leotard in public six months ago.

My friends Cathlin (also a Bootcamper), Stacey (CrossFit Women), Dynin, and I dressed up like a Sweatin’ To The Oldies video, including Dynin in a ‘fro as Richard Simmons. Photographic evidence of us below…

The crew (l to r): Me, Dynin, Stacey, Justin, and Cathlin

I thought about removing the red-eye, but I think it adds to the authenticity. I look like I’m at one of those gym/singles’ bars from the ’80s. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, enjoy this clip from the movie Perfect immediately.

The band was LC Rocks, and they were really fun. They invited us all on stage for “Girls Girls Girls.” Much booty-shaking and high-kicking ensued.

When the band did Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” I helped a little… then they brought me on stage to finish the song.

And that ends my party girl week. Back to fit and healthy. (But I did save the sparkly tights for later… just in case.)
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